Endings are (finally) here!

I know this took a lot longer then it should have, but some other projects came up and I had to put this game to the side. Now Villain Rehabilitation has two endings, the Good and Bad Ending. I wanted to voice Spudz lines for these cutscenes, but unfortunately I don't have a good mic. Maybe one day I will have the chance to give him a voice.

Other updates:

  • The characters (except Spudz) have one-liners when you talk to them! A big thank you to the voice actors:
    • Mark Lee who voiced Boneson, Bonetson, and Phantom Knight
    • Michael Reyes who voiced the Undead Luchador
    • Caitlin Buckley who voiced Fortissimi
  •  Some extra dialogue options for some of the characters

Hope you enjoy the game! 



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Version 2 46 days ago

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