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It´s really funny and unexpectedly dramatic


XD this game cracked me up. good job.


lol I like this game


screw you pum pum I  love you spudz this game was pretty fun to voice act  with my sister and brother  I rate it 10 out of 10 

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This game was hilarious, i had fun playin it hahaha


Wow this is great! i really liked it.

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This made my day ten thousand times better - thank you for your humor and good doggo game!


Aw, I'm glad my game cheered you up. Spudz sends his regards!!


The story is really good, besides I love the pointless plot turns.and the art is really good


this game killed me!! it's like a foul-mouthed children's book! great work!


:o plot twist! i like the art

Now that was unexpected! Nice art!

I'm glad you liked it!

nice!!! I really love your art style! its a really charming game and the writing is really awesome too! 

aw, thank you so much!